They are interior products designed for buildings where luxury and prestige come to the fore, such as banks and holdings, where intense visitor and personnel entry takes place.

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WR-222 Rapid Transit Turnstiles are specially designed for plaza entrances with heavy transitions. It has fast on-off and silent operation.

The electronic control unit of the WR-222 Fast Access Turnstile monitors the movements of people entering and exiting the turnstiles along the turnstile with the help of optical sensors. In this way, the electronic control unit decides the movements of the person passing through the turnstile according to the location.

WR-222 Quick Access Turnstile can operate in normally open or normally closed positions depending on the passage from both directions or one way. The wings of the WR-222 Quick Access Turnstile move at high speeds with an electromechanical motor. Intrusions are detected by specially positioned optics.

WR-222 Quick Access Turnstile's side panels are made of Plexiglas, the top plate is granite and other visible metal parts are made of WR-304 stainless steel, and all internal chassis parts are made of galvanized steel. In addition, it can optionally be offered with customer-specific designs with different top table and side panel options.

With the built-in visitor card collection unit offered as an option in the WR-222 Fast Pass Turnstile, the cards of the visitors who have entered the facility with their cards are collected in the WR-222 card collector slot at the exit. WR-222 Fast Access Turnstiles, which are produced for all kinds of readers, can be easily applied to the most complex access control systems.

WR-222 Quick Access Turnstile can optionally switch to open position in case of power failure.

  • Body Main frame galvanized steel, side and front panels 304 quality stainless steel, top panel 304 quality stainless steel
  • Arms Angular movement, 10 mm plexiglass (Opt.: Impact resistant 10 mm tempered glass)
  • Weight Single body ~ 130 kg Double body ~ 160 kg
  • Indicators Guidance indicators are available as standard
  • Operating Temperature -20 +60°C
  • Accessories Auto Drop Arm/ Motorized Mechanical Attachment/ Remote control transceiver unit/ Coin slot and Coin Storage Hopper/ Counter/ Card Reader/ Photocell Sensor etc.
  • Energy 176-264 VAC 50 Hz Standby 10 W - Transition 80 W
  • Dimensions .

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