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WR Vip Turnstiles It is specially designed for VIP passages, disabled passages or material passages.

Only stainless steel is used in the handrails, all of which are produced in our facilities. It can be easily used indoors and outdoors. When requested, "STOP", "PASS" and "disabled" signs are added on the plexiglass.

The handrails, which are electrically locked, operate with 12 V or 24 V DC. The opening of the handrail is provided by manually pushing, and its closing is achieved by means of a spring. The handrail can be left open continuously in times of danger and for special situations. In the event of a power failure, the handrail moves to the free position and can be opened by pushing it lightly by hand.

  • Body 89X3 MM 304 Quality stainless steel
  • Arms One piece welded 25x2 mm stainless steel 8 mm plexiglass
  • Weight ~17 kg
  • Indicators .
  • Operating Temperature - 20 / + 60 C
  • Accessories are powered by thrust. The stop system is spring loaded. It has 90◦ mobility. The locking system is manually keyed or electrically locked. Thanks to the spring, the wing comes back into place and closes. (0-6 years old) There is a free passage area for the child.
  • Energy 24 V DC for model with electric lock
  • Dimensions .

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