With these smart cards, you can safely store all the information you need in your systems in the card.

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ICLOCK580 ID fingerprint terminal, which offers a secure and fast access control performance with its advanced algorithm; Thanks to the high-sensitivity ZK optical sensor it contains, it can match the fingerprint in just 1 second and show the user's picture on the screen.

Device that can connect to magnetic lock, door sensor and exit buttons; it can also connect via WIFI, ethernet and USB ports.

  • Technical Specifications • 3.5” color TFT screen • 8.000 Number of Fingerprints • 200.000 Log Capacity • Unlocking and turnstile opening • Bell ringing feature • RS232/485 and TCP/IP connection • 1.5A / 12V DC operating voltage • Web server feature (optional) • WIFI connection (optional)

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