It is generally used in stadiums, prisons and detention houses, as well as in places where high security is required, in order to provide controlled passage.

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WR-442 Large turnstiles are designed to be used in situations where the passage of crowded groups of people, such as stadiums and large entertainment centers, needs to be strictly controlled.

WR-442 Light turnstiles are usually mounted side by side and are designed to meet crowded groups and are an economical solution where aesthetics is not important. With its 3-arm and 4-arm options, it offers the opportunity to choose between the comfort and safety of the transition.

WR-442 Thanks to the mechanical structure of the WR-442 Height turnstiles, it can be used in simple entry-exit operations or in more complex entry-exit operations by using it with electronic control devices.

Two WR-551 Mifare card readers can be integrated on the WR-442 Height turnstile. WR-442 turnstile can be used as single or double sided. Direction selection can be made easily by users. It can give an audible warning when requested. Memory feature can be used in multiple passes. Remote access can be granted or removed independently of the person making the switch.

Thanks to sensitive sensors, information can be obtained about the position, movement and direction of the WR-442 height turnstile arms. When switching, data output is available for vendors or other control systems.

All mechanical parts and electromechanical control systems are produced in our facilities. The WR-442 height turnstile series, which can be used indoors and outdoors, is generally produced with electrostatic powder paint in order to be economical. Optionally, it can be produced as all stainless steel or the rotor part can be produced as stainless steel and the body part as electrostatic powder painted.

  • Body is built on 100x40x2 mm main carriers, supported by 40x40x2 mm profiles, reinforced with a separator, electrostatic powder painted on steel or stainless steel, the upper protective cover is waterproof
  • Arms 38x1.5 mm Electrostatic powder painted or stainless steel, welded to the middle rotor, 10 rows of arms in total
  • Weight ~250 kg
  • Indicators Guidance indicators are available as standard
  • Operating Temperature - 20 / + 60 °C
  • Accessories Completely powder coated, body powder coated, handles stainless steel, all stainless steel, reader box, coin unit
  • Energy 176-264 VAC 50 Hz Standby 25 W - Transition 15 W
  • Dimensions .

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